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Solar Companies Forced To Borrow To Finance Growth

Solar companies recorded the highest amount in debt financing in a decade during the first half of 2024, Mercom Capital Group has reported.  Solar companies raised $12.2 billion across 50 debt financing deals in the period, marking a 53% increase from the $8 billion raised in 33 deals during the

The Plot To Further Disrupt Russian Oil Flows Proof That Sanctions Don’t Work

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is set to attend a UK Cabinet meeting to discuss strategies aimed at further disrupting Russian oil sales as the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict continues to reverberate through global oil markets. While critics of Western sanctions against Russia have argued

Goldman Sachs Sees Downside For Copper in The Short Term

Copper futures in New York are 15% below their May all-time high and have hit a two-week low. Goldman analyst Adam Gillard suggests that a "surplus market" could pressure prices of the base metal lower in the "short term."  In recent weeks, copper has been stuck in a narrow range and is down about

How the U.S. Presidential Election Could Influence Precious Metals Prices

Via Metal Miner The Global Precious Metals MMI (Monthly Metals Index) held its four-month long sideways trend month-over-month. All in all, the index narrowly missed trading flat, only budging down 0.18%. However, numerous factors continue to pull at precious metals prices in general. Gold, for

Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan Forge Green Energy Export Alliance

Kazakhstan is pressing ahead with Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan to develop electricity export capacity, even as Astana faces challenges in securing the power needed to fuel domestic economic growth. The Kazakh Ministry of Energy has published for public comment a draft agreement on its strategic

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