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Wall Street Sees Ethereum Hitting $14,000 in 2025

A month and a half after we first observed that the world's largest bitcoin fund, Grayscale's GBTC, had lost more than half of its assets since the approval of spot bitcoin ETFs in January in what was the year's first, and far less memorable "halving" event... ... and just over a week after

Libyan Oil Minister Cleared of Smuggling, Mismanagement Allegations

Libyan Oil and Gas Minister Mohamed Aoun has resumed his position after being removed from duty in early April pending an investigation into oil smuggling and mismanagement allegations, the Libyan Herald reports, citing the Ministry’s social media accounts.  “His Excellency the Minister of Oil and

Are Community Energy Projects More Than Just a Pipe Dream?

The SNP doesn’t want to govern the UK. But it might have a big influence on the next government’s policies. With some polls (albeit somewhat questionably) predicting a hung parliament, Sir Keir Starmer could find himself relying on SNP votes for a majority. So, what would the SNP ask for in return?

Iran to Launch $4.6 Billion Worth of Oil Projects

Iran will soon launch 32 oil industry projects worth a total investment of $4.6 billion, Iranian Petroleum Minister Jawad Owji said on Wednesday. Iran has also begun work on 50 new oil projects worth a total of over $50 billion, Iranian media quoted Owji as saying. Since 2021, Iran has boosted its

Ukraine’s Drones Are Hammering Russian Oil Refineries

On May 19, a Ukrainian drone slammed into the 70,000-barrel-a-day Slavyansk oil refinery in southern Russia’s Krasnodar region, sending a fireball into the sky, according to videos circulating on social media. It was the third time in two months that Ukrainian forces hit the relatively small plant

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