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Iran’s Syria Strategy Is Coming Unravelled

Iran is eager to build on its longstanding alliance with Syria, but Tehran's achievements in expanding its influence in the Arab country are threatening one of its primary objectives: staying out of the line of fire in its shadow wars in the Middle East. As Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein

Iraq’s Endemic Corruption Costs It Another Massive Oil and Gas Opportunity

There is no practical impediment to Iraq becoming a world-leading exporter of petrochemicals, given its huge oil and gas resources. It holds an estimated 145 billion barrels of proven crude oil reserves - around 9 percent of world’s total – although this is a very conservative estimate. The

Red Sea Crisis and OPEC+ Cuts Support Oil Prices

Brent Crude prices have held above $80 per barrel for most of February, with signs pointing to a tightening in the physical market as OPEC+ production cuts continue and the rerouting of cargoes away from the Red Sea and the Suez Canal drags on.     European refiners are looking for Atlantic Basin

Microwave Energy Could Fix The Biggest Problem Facing EVs

Last month, large swathes of the United States grappled with sub-zero wind chills whereby freezing air from the Arctic set record-low temperatures leaving scores of people dead, created record-breaking energy demand and knocked out electricity to tens of thousands in the north-west. The frigid

WTI Pops as Red Sea Shipping Echoes in Slumping European Diesel Supply

U.S. benchmark WTI oil prices gained over 2% on Monday amid the ongoing Red Sea shipping threat and European diesel demand before retracing some of those gains as Wall Street tried to digest inflation data.  Limited U.S. refinery output due to planned maintenance and overhauls also played a role in

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