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Niger-Benin Oil Pipeline Attacked

In a tragic incident, unidentified assailants attacked soldiers guarding the major Niger-Benin oil pipeline, resulting in the deaths of six soldiers. Three security sources confirmed the attack, which took place between the villages of Salkam and Tibiri in Niger's southeastern Dosso region. The

Chinese EV Makers Unfazed by Western Tariffs

The West is attempting to form a front against the coming onslaught of cheap electric vehicles from China. Just this week the European Union slapped significant tariffs on Chinese EV imports, a month after the Biden administration quadrupled their own tariffs to reach a whopping 100%. But will it

Trump Criticizes Biden's "Crazy" EV Mandate, Pledges Policy Reversal

In a recent meeting with House Republicans, former President Donald Trump declared his intention to completely reverse President Joe Biden's electric vehicle (EV) policies if he is re-elected. Trump criticized the current administration's push towards battery-powered cars, describing the mandate as

U.S. Automakers Race to Offset the Rise in Copper Prices

Via Metal Miner The Automotive MMI (Monthly Metals Index) continued to rise month-over-month, this time increasing by 3.04%. Aluminum and platinum prices rose significantly, which pulled the index up and provided significant bullish price action. Meanwhile, copper prices also added some bullish

Microsoft: Russian and Chinese State Hackers Pose Growing Threat

U.S. tech giant Microsoft said Russian cyberattacks are becoming even “more aggressive” and warned that Moscow could deepen collaboration with U.S. adversaries in cyberspace, making it much harder to prevent intrusions. Hackers from Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Agency (SVR) are no longer

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