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Ageing Coal Plants Pave the Way for Renewable Revolution

New research from the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) shows that over 800 coal-fired power plants could be profitably replaced by solar power in emerging economies starting at the end of this decade. This is both a surprising and hopeful finding, as the lack of

Russia and Ukraine Trade Drone Strikes on Energy Facilities

Russia attacked Ukraine with missiles and drones overnight, damaging energy infrastructure and prompting even more power blackouts, while Ukrainian drones reportedly struck deep inside Russian territory, setting oil installations on fire in two regions. Ukraine's national power company,

Carlyle Buyout Fund Scoops Up Mediterranean Gas Assets

As the war rages on in Gaza and tensions escalate between Israel and Hezbollah in Lebanon, private equity fund Carlyle (NASDAQ:CG) is forming a new Mediterranean oil and gas company to be led by ex-BP CEO Tony Hayward following the fund’s acquisition of assets in three countries for nearly $1

Bank Sees U.S. Shale Growing for Another 4 Years

U.S. shale oil production has four more years of growth before it peaks in 2028. This is according to a forecast by HSBC—the latest in a string of attempts to predict the fate of the shale patch. It is also the latest to add to the potential for surprise in the shale patch. Just like it happened

South Africa’s State Utility Set to Keep Highly-Polluting Coal Plants Open

Eskom, the state-owned utility of South Africa, has received government approval to keep five of its old polluting coal power plants operational for five years after the country implements a limit on plants’ emissions in 2025. Eskom’s five coal-fired power plants – Hendrina, Grootvlei, Arnot,

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