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Kyrgyzstan Eyes Uranium Mining Restart and New Nuclear Power Plant

Kyrgyzstan’s decision to ban uranium mining in 2019 was a hard-won victory for civil society and an acknowledgement of the tortured environmental legacy of industry during the Soviet era. But Kyrgyz officials are now calling for the ban to be lifted, as populist President Sadyr Japarov continues

Exxon, Petronas Set to Extend Exploration Offshore Suriname

Exxon and Malaysia’s state-run Petronas will extend exploration for a gas discovery off the coast of Suriname, the country’s national oil company, Staatsolie, said on Monday.  Eyeing a repeat of the huge oil and gas success in the same basin offshore Guyana, explorers in Suriname are also

UK Windfarm Fined for Breaching Energy Market Rules

A windfarm on the land owned by a disgraced former City financier and conservative party donor has been slapped with a fine for overcharging customers. Energy watchdog Ofgem today said that it has served the electricity generator at Dorenell Windfarm in Scotland with a £5.53m fine for “a breach of

UK Set to Extend Oil & Gas Windfall Tax This Week

The UK windfall tax on energy firm profits is expected to be extended by another year to 2029 this week during the annual budget speech later this week, Reuters reported Monday, citing unnamed industry sources who had been privately briefed on the matter.  The report comes shortly after crisis

Startups and Big Oil Use Fracking Tech To Unlock Geothermal Energy

Big Oil is using its deep pockets and expertise in well geology to back and partner with energy startups that are looking to unlock renewable energy from beneath the earth’s surface. Geothermal energy, which has been around for decades, has received new momentum with the net-zero targets of many

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